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Blog Tour - The Griever's Mark by Katherine Hurley

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The Griever's Mark (Griever's Mark #1) by Katherine Hurley
Release Date: 11/11/14
333 pages 

Summary from Goodreads: 

Astarti’s master controls her through a Leash, a bond of energy anchored deep within her.
Despite being one of the few remaining Drifters, able to manipulate theenergy world, she cannot break free. She knows her fate: she will serve until she dies, at which point her master will harvest her energy to augment his own. 

Oh, yes, she’s done some bad things in her master’s name. She’s not asking for forgiveness. She expects you to hate her. 

What she doesn't expect is Logan, a man meant to be her sworn enemy. A man with secrets as dark as her own.

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“Drifter.” His voice is deep and rich beneath the scorn. “I should have known.”

I won’t rise to that bait. Everyone knows Earthmakers hate my kind. I demand, “What are you doing here?”
He stares his refusal at me.
Now that I’m so close, I notice that his eyes are the strangest I’ve ever seen. Their color shifts: blue to green, then streaked with brown, then edged with gold. They shift to green again. I frown. “What’s wrong with your eyes?”
His jaw clenches, and his eyes turn blue, as an Earthmaker’s should be. He stills as though he’s under control now, but the pulse beating hard under my knife and the tension of his lean, muscled body tells me his control is thin.
He says steadily, “What do you want with Count Martel, an enemy of the king?”
I press the blade harder and feel a wash of satisfaction when he winces. “I’m asking the questions.”


About the Author

 I’m Katherine Hurley, author of The Griever’s Markseries. Book 1 will be out in November 2014 and Book 2 in spring of 2015.
My love of myth and legend led me inexorably into fantasy,and I have no intention of leaving. Ever. I grew up riding horses and finally, finally, finally have one of my very own. (I’m hoping Astarti will get some quality horse time at some point, but Drifters don’t really need horses. Hmm.) I’m also an avid (but amateur!) mountain biker and whitewater kayaker. 

I was born in New Mexico, grew up in Kansas, got my MFA in Michigan, and now live in West Virginia. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been is New Zealand. 


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