Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week is Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows.

In no particular order here are my Top Ten Favourite TV Shows... 

1. Game of Thrones

 I was slightly put off by all the nudity and sex to start with but fortunately that lessens as it goes on.
I've read the books and really enjoyed them (well, apart from the 4th one). The series have been really good too and I love that anyone can die (I say that now but I won't be happy if any of my favourites die). There are characters that make you hate them intensely *coughs Joffrey's name* and others that you can't help but like despite how mean they are.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 This one really needs no explanation. Joss Whedon. Non-sparkly vampires. A kick-ass protagonist. Awesome lines.

There was one drawback though... Dawn *shudders*

3. Firefly

 Another show by Joss Whedon. This one was unforunately cancelled :(
Filled with adventure, more awesome characters and great dialogue it's a must-watch.

4. My Name is Earl

Slightly strange/random but funny :)

5. Doctor Who

Why? Because it's awesome. 
An alien travelling in time and space and saving various worlds.
What's not to like?
David Tennant is definitely my favourite Doctor though :)

6. Sherlock

The cast and writers make this show what it is - brilliant.

7. Farscape

Aliens, great characters and dialogue - if you haven't watched this you frelling (Farscape swear word) should!

8. Blackadder

Funny and witty this is a must-watch.
Series 2 is my fave then series 4.

9. Red Dwarf


Again witty and funny this is another must-watch.

10. Torchwood

A Doctor Who spin-off this is another great series with characters that you really feel for and root for.

What are your favourite series?