Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

This is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week the topic is Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island.

Here's my list in no particular order...

1. Finnick Odair

He's cute, charming and would be able to catch some fish for us to eat.

2. Hermione Granger


She's smart and has a wand which would definitely come in handy. I also think that we'd get on pretty well :)  

3. Four (aka. Tobias Eaton)

He's not bad looking, is smart and would know how to survive.

4. Daenerys (Dany) Targaryen

She has dragons, is tough and clever.

5. Roth from White Hot Kiss

He's swoon-worthy, has tattoos that come to life and is a demon. I think he'd be a lot of fun to have around :)

6. Athena from Antigoddess

She's pretty bad-ass and would keep things interesting (as long as she didn't die from feathers sprouting from her insides).

7. Piper from Flight

She's kick-ass and smart and pretty darn awesome. 

8. Samandra Bree from The Ketty Jay series

She's just so awesome! She's funny, knows how to kick butt and would definitely be fun on a desert island.

9. Patch from Hush, Hush

He's charming, funny and hot.

10. Toothless by How to Train Your Dragon

He's just so cute!

Who would you choose?