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Blog Tour + Interview + Giveaway - It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness

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It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness
(You #1)
Publication date: October 26th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance 


It Will Always Be You can be read as a stand-alone.

After surviving four years with a commitment-phobic boyfriend, Elizabeth wants nothing more than to settle down. Too bad the man she desires, Marshall Roderick, leaves her flustered, trembling, and unable to utter a single word when he’s near.

Assuming he’s the very definition of a womanizing bachelor, Elizabeth relegates him to fantasyland and makes no move to get to know him. That is, until a chance encounter along the shores of Lake Superior leads to drinks and a steamy romance.

Confident, successful, and freakishly handsome, Marshall is everything Elizabeth has been looking for. But when an unthinkable act of violence shakes them both to the core, she discovers that Marshall isn’t as carefree and put-together as he led her to believe.

Now it’s up to Marshall and Elizabeth to figure out if their love can heal the scars of the past and turn them into the people they’ve always wanted to be.


When did you start writing?

I wrote my first book at 15yrs old. Until I started writing It Will Always Be You almost two years ago, I hadn’t written in a very very long time.

‪What makes you want to write?

I’ve always had a creative brain and a vivid imagination. I have to do something with it and writing just feels like what I was born to do.

‪Do you ever get writer's block and what do you do to get over it?

I set a timer for 5 minutes and just write (type) without stopping the entire time. Something good always comes out of this to add to my books. Sometimes it’s only one line, but hey, that’s one more line I didn’t have 5 minutes ago.

‪Do you have a special way of going about writing?

Not exactly, writing for me is a very organic process. I have never had a plan. I just let it flow from me. Every time I’ve tried to plan any part of my book out I’ve wound up pitching it.

‪Do you have any works in progress?

Yes, two of them. Book two of the You Series, Before There Was You releasing in September and Wrapped, releasing in November.

‪What are your hobbies? 

Reading, writing, photography, travel, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, boating, fishing, music and dancing

‪How did you choose the character names for It Will Always Be You?

Marshall came to me right away. His last name however, was originally Broderick, but of course this is too close to Matthew Broderick. Elizabeth was originally named Gabriela. That was until I started reading out loud to myself. I didn’t like how it sounded.

‪Who is your favourite character in It Will Always Be You?

Oh no, don’t make me pick favorite! LOL! As much as I adore Marshall, I’d have to say Elizabeth. Her journey of self-love and confidence in both books one and two is one that most women strive for and can either relate to or admire her for.

How did you get the idea for ‪It Will Always Be You?

I honestly had no plan when I started writing IWABY. Every line I wrote just came in its own time.

‪What was your favourite part of writing It Will Always Be You?

There is nothing better than having a scene pour out of you and what is equally amazing is reading it and getting so lost in it you forget for a moment it was you who wrote it. I particularly enjoy writing the intimate scenes. Those flow from me the best!

‪What are you currently reading? 

Alright people I’m going to go out on a limb here and be totally honest with you. I’m currently studying Tantra (the art of spiritual connection, not just the physical) so I’m reading Tantra, The Art of Mind Blowing Sex.

‪What is your favourite book?

This is such a hard question. The last book that really stuck with me and kept me thinking about it for days afterwards was, Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens. 

‪Who is your favourite author? 

I have really enjoyed the writing style of Alice Clayton. Steamy, sexy, AND funny!

‪What is your favourite film?

Due to the shower scene I’d have to go with The Lucky One. Also anything with the late great Heath Ledger I love. I’m a chick flick fanatic! The steamer the better!

‪What is your favourite TV show?

Past would be Lost. Present would be The Walking Dead.

‪Quick-fire questions:

Chocolate or ice cream? Ice Cream
Paperback or ebook? Paperback
Dogs or cats? Dogs
Go out or stay in? Stay in
Summer or winter? Summer

Tina is a contemporary Romance Author from Minnesota where she was born and raised and still resides with her wonderful husband, two girls and two crazy boxer dogs. Tina ran her own photography business for eight years before finally deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author and she hasn’t regretted that decision for a single second since. Tina’s a romance junkie with a love for food, wine, fitness, nutrition, photography, music, boating on Lake Minnetonka, cross-country skiing and anything that inspires her or makes her laugh. Her first novel It Will Always Be You launched on October 26, 2014 and I’m currently working on book two of three of my You Series. Book #1 can be read as a stand-alone however. To learn more about Tina visit

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