Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Week in Books 15th-21st July

Ink (Paper Gods #1) by Amanda Sun
4/5 stars!

My review can be seen in the previous post.

Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles #3) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

3/5 stars.

Netgalley Approved:

Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen, #1) by Liz Reinhardt

To the Fifth Power (Powers, #1) by Shirin Dubbin


Undeclared (The Woodlands) by Jen Frederick
(Kindle copy, £0.73)

I've been wanting to read this for ages so when I saw that it was on sale I had to get it!

Parallel by Lauren Miller (paperback copy)

Nocturnal (The Noctalis Chronicles, Book One) by Chelsea M. Cameron
(Kindle copy, £0.73)

Faster We Burn (Fall and Rise #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron
(Kindle copy, £2.68)

I'm reading the first book Deeper We Fall and am enjoying it so much that I HAD to buy the sequel.

Currently Reading:

Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise #1) by Chelsea M. Cameron

All pics taken from Goodreads.

This week I wrote some of Dark Longing which is now over 30,000 words.
I also saw Monsters University which I loved.

It was my sister's birthday on Monday so I made her a cake...

Hope you all had a good week! J x