Thursday, 11 July 2013

23 Things About Me

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday...

So I thought that I would tell you 23 things about myself!

1. I have two middle names - Elizabeth and Anna.

2. I have lived in England, New Zealand and France.

3. I started writing at 13 with a very bad The Lord of The Rings fanfiction which I am writing below. Fortunately my writing has improved a lot since then! Wow. I just realised that I've been writing for 10 years! Wow! So it would be kind of worrying if my writing hadn't improved in all that time!

Here we go...

Once upon a time there was an evil, evil witch named Sarah. She had placed an evil spell on Legolas to make him love her. But she was very ugly so he didn't like her. One day a beautiful elven princess came and killed Sarah. Then Jess the beautiful elven princess saved the day and kissed Legolas. Everybody thought that Jess the elven princess was beautiful and one day Sauron told Saruman to kidnap her. When he did, he took her to Isengard. Legolas did not know about this for Jess had been asleep so he had gone to get her flowers. When he got back he found a note saying that if he didn't take the one ring to Isengard then she would die. He loved her a lot so he didn't want her to die. He went to Gondor to see Aragorn and Charlotte to ask for a fake copy of the ring. He got one. Then he went to Rivendell to see Elrond and Emma. He asked Elrond to give him some good luck but he told him to go and see Galadriel and Gimli at Lothlorien. He did and went to Isengard. He got Jess back and gave then the fake ring. Jess was very happy to see Legolas because Saruman had been flirting with her and all the uruk hai and orcs had. They had locked her in Saruman's room and made her stay there with Saruman and never leave the room. He had been looking at her all day because he loved her. When Legolas came he didn't want her to go. So he hid her and was about to kiss her when Legolas found her and killed all of the uruk hai with one arrow. When they got home they got married.

Yeah I told you it was bad.
At the time I had a huge crush on Orlando Bloom.

4. I LOVE chocolate especially Milkybar!
5. I love Disney films but my all-time fave is Beauty and the Beast.

6. My fave band is Paramore but Thirty Seconds to Mars are a close second!

7. I am a huge geek and love anything to do with superheroes.

8. My fave TV shows are Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Firefly and Sherlock.

9. I have a MSci but my dream job is to be a full time author.

10. I have a German Shepherd who is cute but drives me crazy!

11. My latest crush is Henry Cavill.

12. In case you couldn't tell I like using gifs.

13. I actually wrote two books before Girl Meets Underworld but neither of them have been published. I'm planning on editing them soon hopefully.

14. I have over 200 books on my Kindle, most of which I haven't read.

15. I've been a vegetarian all my life.

16. I love Lego video games, especially Lego Star Wars, and even have a Lego Star Wars watch.

17. I have ten or so stories on the go but I haven't written half of them in nearly a year.

18. I have ideas for four stories that I am yet to start writing.

19. I'm running out of things to say because I'm really not that interesting.

20. Jennifer Lawrence is currently my fave actress. Loved her in Silver Linings Playbook.

 21. I cry at books and films. A lot.

22. Timothy Dalton is my fave James Bond but Daniel Craig is a close second.

23. I love skiing.

If you made it this far without falling asleep congrats! :)

Have a great week! J x