Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Five Films I Enjoyed More Than I Thought I Would

I LOVE going to the cinema and watching new films.
Sometimes they disappoint me, but there have been a lot of films I've enjoyed more than I expected.

Here are five that I enjoyed more than I thought I would . . .

1. Begin Again (2013)

Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo are among my favourite actors so I was excited to watch Begin Again.
This is such a feel-good film and I loved the music in it (which Keira Knightley actually sings!) so much that I bought the CD.

2. Easy A (2010)

This is one of my favourite films.
Emma Stone is brilliant as Olive, as is Stanley Tucci as Olive's dad.
Easy A is funny, entertaining and relatable.

3. Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat (2014)

 I am a huge Emily Blunt fan and I love sci-fi, so I was pretty much expecting to love Edge of Tomorrow.
Tom Cruise surprised me in this. I thought he was really good.
The plot was interesting and the action was good.

4. Hunt For The Wilderpeople (2016)


 Hunt For The Wilderpeople was written and directed by Taika Waititi (the guy that directed Thor Ragnarok).
It's a simple film, but it's funny and I love the characters.
Some people might not get the Kiwi humour (I know it took me a while to get into Flight of the Conchords), but I always recommend this film to my friends as well as Taika's other films.

5. Brooklyn (2015)

 I totally wasn't expecting to love Brooklyn as much as I did, but this was such a nice film.
I loved the characters and the story.
I need to read the book!

Are there any films you enjoyed more than you thought you would?