Sunday, 28 June 2015

June Finds

Here are some finds from this month:

Willoughby Book Club

This is a UK (yes!) book subscription service that I saw recommended on Goodreads. I can't remember who posted about it (sorry!) but I was excited to see a subscription service for the UK as all the ones I've seen have been for the US.
There's a YA option which I've asked for as a birthday present *fingers crossed*

Here is the website link.

Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

I love anything raspberry flavoured/scented so I had to buy it.
It smells so good and it has made my skin really soft.


The schedule for YALC has been released!
I'm going this year and I'm so excited.

Here is the link to the schedule. 


Katytastic did a R.I.P. IT OR SHIP IT video which is worth a watch. The last couple is defnitely the funniest.


ChewingSand made a short film called SEPTEM.
I would recommend it - there's a good twist at the end.

The Martian Trailer!

The first The Martian trailer was released and it looks so good!
There's even a video where Matt Damon's character introduces the other crew before they leave for Mars.


How it Should Have Ended - Avengers: Age of Ultron

I love the How it Should Have Ended videos. Especially the Super Cafe ones.
How the Avengers: Age of Ultron should have ended is in two parts.

Princess Rap Battle - Maleficent vs Daenerys

I LOVE the Princess Rap Battles. Cinderella vs. Belle is my favourite but I like this new one as well.

Do you have any June finds?