Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Year - Bookish and Non-Bookish + 2015 Resolutions

My Bookish Year

I've managed to read lots of books this year - 157 - which is the most I've ever read!

Unfortunately quite a few of the books I read this year were disappointing (see this post for more details). 
I DNF'd quite a few books but I've decided that I'm not going to continue with a book that I'm not enjoying. 
I've made quite a big dent in my to-review pile and my NetGalley ratio is now above 80% whooo! 

As well as reading lots of books I've also made progress as an author - I had two short stories accepted in anthologies published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing - After Tomorrow which is now out (shameless plug) and Mystical Bites which is out in March.

My Non-Bookish Year

2014 has been a bit of a mixed year for me - I finally got a job (huzzah!) which has been going well and I passed my driving test but something pretty crappy happened.

So what are my hopes for 2015?
I want to get a job in a field that I actually want to be in (publishing *fingers crossed*). 

Which leads to resolutions!

2015 Resolutions!

 I don't usually do resolutions and if I do then I never keep them but I thought I'd give it a go.

1. I want to read ALL of the books in my to-review pile so that when I get a book to review I can read it straight away.

2. I want to read more classics - apart from Pride & Prejudice (and Sense, Sensibility & Sea Monsters, which I'm not sure counts) I don't think I've read any.

3. I want to finish at least 3 series off.

4. Finish at least one of my many works in progress.

5. Hold more giveaways.

Have you made any resolutions?

Happy holidays to you all!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

There will be a new year/blogoversary giveaway coming soon so keep an eye out for that!

Best wishes!
Jess x