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Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway - Dead Jed 2: Dawn of the Jed by Scott Craven

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Title: Dead Jed 2: Dawn of the Jed

Publication date: December 9, 2014

Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.

Author: Scott Craven

The first part of seventh grade was rough on Jed, but things are looking up now that Christmas is almost here. As with past Christmases, Jed asks for the one thing he’s always wanted–a dog–and again, his parents tell him they’re not ready. But fate has a different plan when Jed sees a dog get run over by a car. Then, it happens. Jed suddenly has a pet, Tread, a zombie dog bearing his namesake–a tire tread down his back. Jed may have gained a dog, but he loses his best friend Luke, who fears the way Jed created his undead pet.

When Jed returns to school, he finds a mysterious group called the No Zombies Now Network spreading rumors of the dangers the undead pose to normal people. Forced to disprove Hollywood stereotypes, Jed has his work cut out for him as stories of a zombie dog begin to circulate. Jed could be expelled if he can’t expose the NZN Network as a fraud. Jed needs help from his kind of girlfriend Anna, especially after he discovers Luke has joined the shadowy group.

Once again navigating the treacherous waters of middle school, Jed does his best to stay in one piece. Only this time he’ll need even more duct tape and staples than usual.

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Character Spotlight – ANNA

I’m Anna, though many kids at Pine Hollow refer to me as “That goth girl who hangs with the undead dude.” Even though that’s all they know about me, I’m fine with that. If they took the time, they’d find out a lot more, and correctly refer to me as “That really cool goth girl that hands with the undead dude.”

I’m ashamed of only one thing. That I became interested in Jed because I flirted with the possibility of becoming a zombie. Taking off my arm and beating that bully Robbie over the head with it had a certain charm. Then there was the money I’d save on makeup, since the deathly gray pallor I adore would come naturally.

The more I got to know Jed, the more I liked him. He’s smart, he’s funny and he really cares about people. And it was so adorable how his arm fell off when he tried to put it around me. You know how Pinocchio’s nose grows when he lies? Jed loses limbs when he’s really nervous. How cute is that?

I do wish he’d stick up for himself more. Sometimes you just have to fight back. Not like throwing punches or anything. But he has to be more assertive. Seriously, if someone snapped off my arm at the elbow as a joke, I wouldn’t laugh along and patiently wait for it back. I’d tear off my leg at the knee and whomp him a good one. I guess that is sort of violent, but I’d whomp him in a place that was more to make a point than hurt him.

I balance out Jed pretty well, though. We’re a good team, and people have come to respect us. Besides, having a zombie as a boyfriend really gets attention on Twitter and Instagram.

Just don’t tell Jed I called him my boyfriend. No telling how many limbs he would lose.

About the Author

Proud graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, have one son who will turn 18 in March 2013, now a features writer for The Arizona Republic.


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