Monday, 28 September 2015

September Finds

Bad Blood Parody

This is possibly the best video ever.
Definitely the best parody ever.

Star Wars Meets Frozen

Maisie Williams Q&A

Maisie Williams now has a YouTube channel and posted a Q&A video.

Avengers Bad Lip Reading


So funny.

New Martian Promo

Another promo video for The Martian!
I'm so excited for this film!

Jessica Jones

Really looking forward to this.
If you listen carefully you can hear David Tennant (as Purple Man) whispering and shouting Jessica's name. Creepy!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Barbershop Quartet

So catchy!
Hope there are more like this.

Mean Tweets

Another Mean Tweets video.
How can anyone hate on Emily Blunt? Seriously.

The 5th Wave Trailer