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Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway - Picture Imperfect by Jelsa Mepsey

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Picture Imperfect by Jelsa Mepsey
Publication Date: Sept 22, 2015
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Genre: YA, Contemporary 

Sixteen-year-old Max Prescott knows all too well the joys of cheating girlfriends and traitorous friends. He’s not eager to have his heart trampled again, but money and a fresh start can mean the difference between happiness and a dark path with his name on it. 

So when Melly Hewson, a perky and enigmatic classmate, asks him to be her model for a year-long photography project, Max agrees. Melly Hewson is everything Max isn’t. She’s outgoing, witty and always knows the right words to say. And despite his best efforts, Max finds himself drawn to her. 

Still, he isn’t stupid. He knows a girl like Melly will only use him and then never speak to him again. Besides, he’s been to that rodeo. As long as he keeps his feelings off the market, he won’t make the same mistakes as last time. 

Yet underneath Melly’s sweet smiles lies a secret she’d rather kept hidden. And as the year goes on and the photos pile up, Max and Melly will find themselves developing through the negatives, a story that when told could push them to opposite ends of their world. But the only thing worst than the truth is, the facade that surrounds them.

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Official Playlist

The playlist for Picture Imperfect is comprised of a mixture of instrumental music, popular music, music that is more obscure, and original music that I wrote myself. I hope you’ll appreciate the variety of sources that are included.

The link to the entire playlist is here.

 Chapter One

Your Love is a Lie - Simple Plan

Chapter Two

Forget You - Cee Lo Green

Chapter Three
Headstrong - Trapt 

Chapter Four
No Love - Simple Plan
(YouTube link)

Chapter Five
Get Out - Mitchel Musso
Chapter Six
Burns - Jason Chen  
Chapter Seven
 On My Own - Hedley

Chapter Eight

S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) - Joseph Vincent

Chapter Nine
Alone - Adam Hurst 

Chapter Ten
Fall – Jelsa Mepsey/Samantha Lim (FICTION: ZANDER MASON)  

Chapter Eleven 
 Jump - Simple Plan

Chapter Twelve
Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan

Chapter Thirteen
Monster - Skillet  

Chapter Fourteen
Just Like You - Three Days Grace  

Chapter Fifteen
Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri  

Chapter Sixteen

Too Much Too Soon - Tanner Patrick 

Chapter Seventeen

Eggshells - Hawk Nelson

Chapter Eighteen
Fix You - Coldplay 

Chapter Nineteen
Rescue Me - Tokio Hotel 

Chapter Twenty
Amnesia – Jelsa Mepsey/Samantha Lim (FICTION: MELLY HEWSON)  

Chapter Twenty One
Elegy - Adam Hurst  

Chapter Twenty Two
A Beautiful Remedy - Project 10  

Chapter Twenty Three
Stay Away - Secondhand Serenade  

Chapter Twenty Four
Me and You – Jelsa Mepsey/Samantha Lim (FICTION: MELLY HEWSON)  

Chapter Twenty Five
Why - Secondhand Serenade  

 Chapter Twenty Six
Two is Better Than One - Taylor Swift

Chapter Twenty Seven
Heart Attack - Demi Lovato (covered by Jason Chen)  

Chapter Twenty Eight

I'm Falling For You - Chester See

Chapter Twenty Nine
Smoke and Ash - Adam Hurst  

Chapter Thirty
Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato  

Chapter Thirty One
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Phil Wickham  

Chapter Thirty Two
Don't Want an Ending - Sam Tsui 

Chapter Thirty Three
Maybe - Secondhand Serenade 

Chapter Thirty Four
The Reason - Hoobastank  

Chapter Thirty Five
My Immortal - Evanescence 

Chapter Thirty Six
Stay - Miley Cyrus  
Chapter Thirty Seven
 The Way I Loved You - Selena Gomez

Hope you enjoy all the music! Thanks for stopping by!

About the Author

Jelsa Mepsey writes young adult contemporary romance fiction, drawing inspiration from daily life. With her work, she is dedicated to spurring people to think about what they have taken for granted and to shed light on the issues people avoid talking about. As an Asian-American in her 20s, she is excited to explore more of the human experience as she herself journeys through life. Writing, rock climbing 5.12 routes, and playing various instruments have resulted in the formation of many calluses on her hands over the years. When not engaging in her previously mentioned hobbies, Jelsa can be found at her local library with a stack of at least ten books, naming her various pens, or staring at her dog Waffles for inspiration. 

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