Tuesday, 21 July 2015

YALC Recap

I went to YALC on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it was AWESOME!

I attended several panels and got lots of freebies.

 The Apocalypse Now panel with Virginia Bergin, Marie Rutkoski, Francesca Haig, Moira Young, Teri Terry and chaired by Gemma Malley.

The Page and Screen panel with M.G. Harris, Jamie Anderson and Mark Stay.

 The YA: The Next Generation panel with Alice Oseman, Lucy Saxon, Helena Coggan, Taran Matharu and chaired by Samantha Shannon.

 The Shadowhunters panel with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.

The Carrie Hope Fletcher's YALC Book Club panel with Carrie Hope Fletcher, Malorie Blackman, Holly Smale and Samantha Shannon.

 The Bringing Sexy Back panel with Non Pratt, Louise O'Neill, Tom Ellen, Lucy Ivison and chaired by a costumed James Dawson who was hilarious.

 The Between Fantasy and Reality panel with Sally Green, Melinda Salisbury, Ben Aaranovitch, Frances Hardinge, Amy Alward and chaired by James Smythe.


Day 1

 Day 2

 Day 3

The wall of books was awesome!

My book haul...

The Elites and Stone Rider were from the book swap.
 Considering how many books I usually buy this was a very small haul!

I got my copy of All I Know Now signed by Carrie who was lovely!

I had a great time at YALC and hope everyone else that went did as well.
I definitely want to go next year.

I had a look around the Comic Con floor and it was soooo busy. I managed to see some celebs from afar like Hayley Atwell (I was going to get her autograph but the queue was sooo long), Christopher Lloyd (!), Sean Gunn, Colin Baker, two of the Musketeers and lots of people from Game of Thrones.

I'm off to sleep for a week now... :)