Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Dream Book Event + YALC Swag Giveaway

I recently attended YALC and it got me thinking about what my dream book event would be.

     There would be...
    •  a place where bloggers can meet up and exchange tips.
    • an area/panel where bloggers would be able to learn how to make their blogs inviting, user friendly and how to best promote them.
    • an area where bloggers can connect with publicists and tell them about their blogs, potentially leading to the blogger getting ARCs or having their names put down for future events. 
    • an area where you can meet blog tour organisers and sign up to their events.

       There would be...
      •  a craft area where readers would be able to fangirl over their favourite books by making anything they wanted.
      • a sofa area where readers would be able to sit down and talk to their favourite authors.
      • stalls with book swag and book-related products to buy.
      • an area where you can sign up to beta read books for authors.

         There would be...
        •  a wall where writers that are looking for representation can post a chapter of their novel that agents will later read through.
        • a talk/workshop where publishers talk about the process covers undergo when they're designed. Also what publishers look for in a book.

        I'm probably going to think of a lot more things to add to this post once it's posted but for now those are all I can think off :)

        What would your dream book event be like?


        I'm giving away some of the swag I got from YALC!

        Open internationally!