Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Woes of Being a Book Addict

As a book addict I've come to learn that there are certain downsides...

1. Lack of Space

There are always more books to buy. Always. 
But where to put them?

2. No Social Life

Books are so much better than people and who has time to go outside when you can read?

3. The Feels

Being a book addict involves crying a lot and generally having your heart torn out book-to-book.

4. The Expectations and Disappointments

There's a new book that everyone is loving and you buy a copy.

Then you read it. And hate it.

5. The Endless TBR List

A book addict's to-be-read list never ends and the horrible fact is that you're never going to read all the books you want to.

6. Money

Books cost money. Unfortunately.

7. Cover Changes

There's a series you love and then the publisher changes the covers half way through.


 Do you think there are any other bad things about being a book addict?