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Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway - Argos by Phillip W. Simpson

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Argos by Phillip W. Simpson

Release Date: May 10, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

Loyalty has no limits

Raised from a pup by Greek hero, Odysseus, Argos has come to learn the true meaning of love and loyalty. But when Odysseus leaves for the Trojan War, little does Argos know it will be 20 years before he sees his master again. With Odysseus gone his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus, are easy prey for neighboring kings and the Gods themselves.

But Argos was tasked to keep them safe until Odysseus returns and that is a promise he is determined to keep – whatever the cost. Told through his eyes, Argos recounts the story of his life – his pain, his joy, his triumphs and failures; his endurance in the face of hardships almost too great to believe.

Above all else, Argos strives to do what is right – and to remain loyal to his King when all others have given up hope. To live long enough to see his beloved master one more time.

This epic myth of love and loyalty proves that a dog really is man's best friend.

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A Day in the Life of Phillip W. Simpson

I teach during the day so I don’t have much time during the week. To be honest, I’m too tired when I get home to summon up the creative energy you need to write a novel. During school terms, I write in the weekends. Usually both days from 8am until about 4pm. I can get on a bit of a roll then. In the holidays, I’ll write every weekday for about the same time. I have the weekends off but when I’m on deadline, I’ll write all day Saturday. I prefer to have the weekends off as that’s the time I spend with my family.

If I’m not teaching, I treat it like a job and it’s all about routine. I have a four year old son so I’m usually up at 6am. Workout first where I get my head into my book and my next scene. I try and write scenes in my head before I reach the keyboard. Theoretically, I should be sitting at my desk, fingers poised, at 8am. I write 500 words and then reward myself with a break in the form of a coffee or facebook. I always read and edit the previous day’s work first. It helps me focus on the next scene.

If I write for a whole day, I’ll usually get about 4,000 words done. That’s 20k a week. You do the maths – you can have a whole novel written in about 4 weeks. Of course, it may be terrible, but that’s what the editing process is all about. For preparation, I get on the rowing machine in the morning and listen to my ipod. That’s when I do most of my thinking. I visualize the scenes in my head and the exercise clears my head and gets me charged up.


About the Author

Phillip W. Simpson has written over 50 children’s books for both middle grade and young adult readers. He has a background in Ancient History and Archaeology, and has partially completed his doctorate in Archaeology. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife Rose, their son, Jack and their two border terriers, Whiskey and Raffles. When not writing, he works as an elementary school teacher.


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