Saturday, 9 January 2016

Review - Topaz and Tides (The Tienimi Club Series, #3) by Aurelia Fray

Title: Topaz and Tides (The Tienimi Club series, #3)
Author: Aurelia Fray
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Release date: 15th January 2016

Blurb from Goodreads:
"Every day I read my phone messages. There are dozens and all from him. He promises me he loves me then vows to hurt me. He says he wants me back and then calls me horrific names. I don’t mind the messages, though. I don't mind them as long as they end the same way:
"Where are you?”
As long as he keeps asking the question, I know I am safe. And if he stops?
If he stops, I’m as good as dead."

Harry needs to hide.
On the run from her abusive ex and intent on hiding wounds that have scarred beyond what the eye can see, Harry swallows her pride and travels halfway around the world to seek the aid of an old friend.

She needs help.

She needs somewhere to keep her head down and pull herself together so she can recover from the damage Donovan inflicted.
But all of Harry’s expectations are shattered the second she steps foot in Tienimi, the exclusive and private resort owned by her friend.

Tienimi is not just a hideaway, it is a haven. A place where friends become saviors, strangers become lovers, and dreams become realities.
The only problem is, for someone like Harry, dreams can be nightmares.

My Review:
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Aurelia Fray*

5/5 stars

Harry has come to the exclusive Tienimi resort to escape from her abusive ex, Donovan.
She receives texts from him every day - threats of what he's going to do to Harry or pleading for her to come back to him. Harry doesn't care if he sends her those texts because that means he doesn't know where she is.
Her time at Tienimi with her old friend Penny was supposed to be to relax and get herself together. Harry didn't expect to find herself falling for Kal.
Has Harry escaped from Donovan?
Can she let Kal in?

Topaz and Tides was a compelling read.
Harry was likeable and I felt really sorry for her - I wanted her to have a happy ending and to get away from the abusive Donovan. Despite being beaten, Harry was very strong and at times stubborn.
Kal was another good character. Like Harry his past hadn't been easy, this time due to health issues.
I loved how easily Harry and Kal clicked and how comfortable they were with each other. I could definitely feel the tension between them. The romance wasn't cheesy or over the top.
The plot was interesting and held my attention. I wanted to read on, hoping that Harry and Kal would get together. As usual I enjoyed the writing style.
Another fabulous read with relatable characters by Aurelia Fray. This series just gets better and better!

Overall a fantastic read.