Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Review - Sever by J.M. Miller

Title: Sever
Author: J.M. Miller
Pages: 195
Release date: 25th January 2015

Blurb from Goodreads: 
One simple decision can end a future.
One simple persuasion can sever a life.

The moment Annisyn Kane slips her rake pick into the lock of a stranger's door, the straight life she's led the last few years is scratched out. In the past, the goal was never theft. It was to escape. From life. From death. To quiet the dreams that replayed an affliction she longed to forget. This night, though, was different. She was out of options.

The isolated house was supposed to be an easy target. In and out. No problems. But the simple job takes a twisted turn when Annisyn comes face to face with the only real love she ever had.

Five years ago, she could have persuaded Damian Mead to stay. She wasn't willing to be the end of his future, so she let him go. Before the emotions from their tangled past have a chance to spin between them, Annisyn discovers that their startling encounter is the least of the night's problems. There's someone else in the house, and the only thing on his mind is revenge.

*recommended ages 17+ for mature content*

My Review:

 *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Book Enthusiast Promotions and NetGalley*

 3/5 stars

After trying to get her life on the straight and narrow, Annisyn Kane finds herself picking the lock of a stranger's house. The job is supposed to be easy but then Syn realises that the home is that of her ex-boyfriend, Damian. He's the only man Syn's ever loved and she left him so that he wouldn't have to sacrifice his future for her.
Syn goes to leave before Damien sees her but realises that something is wrong - there's someone else in the house. Someone who wants revenge.

Sever was told half in the present and half in the past. The present followed Syn and Damian as they attempted to survive and escape the dangerous situation they were in and the past explained how the two met, grew close and then grew apart. I enjoyed reading both parts - the present was suspenseful and the past was interesting.
I liked Syn and felt sorry for her; she had experienced a traumatic event in her childhood and as a result she was tough and didn't trust people, always carrying a knife and pepper spray.
The romance was realistic and didn't seem rushed. I could feel the connection between Syn and Damian.
The plot was intriguing and held my attention. The writing style was easy to follow.

Overall this was an enjoyable read.