Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Recommendation #4 - The Flash

'The Flash' follows Barry Allen as he wakes up nine months after being struck by lightning to find that he has super speed.
With the help of some new friends, Barry becomes The Flash and fights crime.

I really liked Grant Gustin as Barry. 
He's likeable, funny and quite easy on the eyes.

The plot of the first season was really good and sucked me in. There were several times when I found myself staring at the screen in shock.
I don't want to say too much about the baddie in case I give something away but he was very good.

 I loved Caitlin and Cisco.
They're funny and make you wish that you could be friends with them.

Another thing I like about 'The Flash' is that sometimes there are characters from 'Arrow' in it.
It's nice to see storylines interlink and to watch the characters mix.

Even if you don't like superheroes or comic books I would recommend that you watch 'The Flash'.
It's fun, gripping and sucks you in.