Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review - Drowned (Drowned, #1) by Nichola Reilly

Title: Drowned (Drowned, #1)
Author: Nichola Reilly
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
Release date: 24th June 2014

Blurb from Goodreads: 
Coe is one of the few remaining teenagers on the island of Tides. Deformed and weak, she is constantly reminded that in a world where dry land dwindles at every high tide, she is not welcome.
The only bright spot in her harsh and difficult life is the strong, capable Tiam—but love has long ago been forgotten by her society. The only priority is survival.
Until the day their King falls ill, leaving no male heir to take his place. Unrest grows, and for reasons Coe cannot comprehend, she is invited into the privileged circle of royal aides. She soon learns that the dying royal is keeping a secret that will change their world forever.
Is there an escape from the horrific nightmare that their island home has become? Coe must race to find the answers and save the people she cares about, before their world and everything they know is lost to the waters.

My Review:

*I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Harlequin TEEN and NetGalley*

2/5 stars
In a future Earth that is now mostly covered in water, Coe lives on an island called Tides which is slowly being taken over by the ocean. The other inhabitants shun Coe who lost a hand from a scribbler attack.
Her life changes when the King falls ill and Coe becomes Princess Star's hand maiden.
With no male heir who will replace the King when he dies?
Can the people of Tides escape the ocean?

From the blurb I was excited to read this but unfortunately I couldn't connect to the storyline or the characters.
For me the world Drowned is set in is a strange world that I felt like a lot went unexplained.
One thing that I didn't understand was that the hotel that serves as the palace on Tides is supposed to be on a mountain, so surely it wouldn't be on the absolute top and therefore the peaks would be seen from Tides? But no peaks or scenery apart from the sea were mentioned. I also found the scribblers - killer swordfish (?) that like to bury themselves under sand - very odd.
Coe was an okay character and it was different that she only had one hand. I felt sorry for her but I didn't really connect with her. I didn't warm to any of the other characters very much.
The plot was alright but I found it dull in places and nothing that happened surprised me.

Overall this was an okay read but I found it disappointing.