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Blog Tour + Interview + Giveaway - A Whispered Darkness by Vanessa Barger

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Title: A Whispered Darkness

Publication date: August 26, 2014

Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.

Author: Vanessa Barger

When Claire Mallory’s father leaves, her mom moves them to a new town and into a dilapidated Victorian house.

The old house creaks and whistles, and smells well — like it’s been abandoned for years. But as the nights grow longer and the shadows take on substance, Claire wonders if the strange sounds and occurrences might be more than the house showing its age.

Just as things start to pick up in Claire’s love life, her mother becomes possessed. In an attempt to save her mother and their new home, Claire enlists the help of two boys, each of whom is interested in Claire for different reasons. As she chooses one boy over the other, something dangerous is unleashed, and the spirits make their move.

They aren’t content to moan and scream inside Claire’s house, or even control her mom. They want a taste of freedom, and she’s their key to getting it. But is Claire strong enough to fight off the evil spirits, or will they claim her and her mom before it’s all over?

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About the Author

Vanessa Barger was born in West Virginia, and through several moves ended up spending the majority of her life in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a graduate of George Mason University and Old Dominion University, and has degrees in Graphic Design, a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and a Masters in Technology Education. She has had articles published in Altered Arts Magazine, has had some artwork displayed in galleries in Ohio and online, and currently teaches engineering, practical physics, drafting and other technological things to high school students in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. She is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and the Virginia Writer's Club. When not writing or teaching, she’s a bookaholic, movie fanatic, and loves to travel. She has one cat, who believes Vanessa lives only to open cat food cans, and can often be found baking when she should be editing.

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Thanks for having me today! 

When did you start writing? 

Pretty much as soon as I learned to write. I loved making things up. 

What makes you want to write? 

I have so many ideas, and even if no one else sees them, I always wanted to write them down to remember and embellish later. There is nothing better than sitting back and imagining a story and characters. Writing makes that a reality and allows me to share those stories with others, which I love. 

Do you ever get writer's block and what do you do to get over it? 

Yes. Most of the time it’s a lack of motivation more than a real block. I know what I want to say, but either I don’t feel like I have time, or maybe I’m not sure how to get where I want to go. Then I might sit in front of the computer and whine to myself. Usually to get over it I just have to sit down and make myself write. Once I get started (though sometimes it takes a LONG time) I can get past that initial “blah” and I’ll get in the groove. If it’s a case of not knowing how to get there, I either write stuff I know will probably get cut and hope it leads to something good (often it does), or I skip ahead and write the scene I want to, then fill in later. It depends on the story and what’s going on. 

Do you have a special way of going about writing? 

Not really. When I’m sitting down for a serious day of writing I sometimes brew a pot of tea, pull out a fancy teacup and get some cookies, but that’s about it. I do usually write with music, although it depends on whether it’s a first draft or I’m editing. Sometimes I need silence. 

What are your hobbies? 

What aren’t my hobbies? I cook, draw, and crochet. Sometimes I quilt. Occasionally I actually finish something. 

How did you choose the character names for A Whispered Darkness? 

 I didn’t have a real process. Haven’s name just sort of popped into my head and I liked it. Grant was a choice pulled from a name generator. Claire’s was a tongue-in-cheek reference to clairvoyance, which only I probably find amusing. 

Do you have any works in progress? 

Definitely. I’m working on my MG series, SUPERFREAK, as well as another YA Dark Fantasy set in the mountains of Virginia and involving some strange things like Jack O’ the Lanterns and gypsies. There’s always a bunch of things going on in my brain. 

Who is your favourite character in A Whispered Darkness?

 Actually, one of my favorite characters in A Whispered Darkness was a best friend of Claire’s that ended up being cut out. I loved her, but it was the right choice to let her go. If I have to pick from those actually in the book, probably Melanie. I love her attitude. 

How did you get the idea for A Whispered Darkness? 

I actually got the idea while watching “Paranormal Witness” on the Syfy channel. One of the stories was about people who moved into a haunted house and find out it used to be a home. It sparked my imagination and things went from there. 

What was your favourite part of writing A Whispered Darkness? 

Probably the interaction between Grant and Claire. I love their relationship, both because I’m very close to my younger brother, and because there aren’t so many sibling relationships where they actually like each other for most of the book. 

What are you currently reading? 

The Murmurings by Carly Anne West. Not a bad book so far. 

What is your favourite book? 

That’s hard! I think the answer will always be Jane Eyre, Hamlet, and Pride and Prejudice. Those three are always my top choices. Which one is ahead changes all the time. 

Who is your favourite author? 

Also hard! This changes a lot. But let’s say Jane Austen and Shakespeare. They’re always on the list. 

What is your favourite film? 

Seriously, you’re asking mean questions. I have to CHOOSE? I’m a movie junkie, so this is hard. I do love LOTR though. Let’s go with that. 

What is your favourite TV show? 

Hmmmm… Most of the TV shows I like end up being cancelled after their first season. But I do like Supernatural, even though in later seasons it frustrates me. 

 Quick-fire questions: 

Chocolate or ice cream? Chocolate! I used to work in an ice cream parlor (a long time ago, but it still applies) so one scoop of ice cream is enough for months. Chocolate is good ANYTIME. 

Paperback or ebook? Paperback. While I love ebooks, they have one downside, which I’ve learned recently. If the ereader breaks, you’re tied to the computer or you can’t read them. 

Dogs or cats? Both. I have a cat now and I love her. But we’ve had dogs and I love them too. Cats have more attitude though, which is entertaining. 

Go out or stay in? Stay in. I’m a homebody.

Summer or winter? Fall. Lol. If I have to choose, winter. You can only take so many clothes off when it’s hot. When it’s cold, you can always put more on!

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