Monday, 18 July 2016

TV Shows I'm Currently Crazy About

1. First Dates/First Dates Abroad/Celebrity First Dates (Channel 4)

What's it about? People are set up on blind dates and filmed!

I've only been watching this for a few weeks but I already love it!
I started watching an episode the other night and got totally sucked in and ended up going to bed later than I planned.
It's really interesting to see if the couples will want to see each other again.

2. Gogglesprogs (Channel 4)

What's it about? Kids watch TV and talk about it.

I love those kids!
Some of the things they say are really surprising, especially the things they've picked up considering they're so young. 

3. Murder in Successville (BBC Three)

What's it about? Celebrities are put into a scenario where they have to solve a murder.

I love seeing how the celebs react.
There are actors pretending to be celebrities in jobs that they don't do in real life.
A must watch!

4. The Last Leg (Channel 4)

What's it about? Three comedians (Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe) discuss the week's news.

I love this show! It's so funny,
There's always a celebrity guest.

5. Archer (Netflix)

 What's it about? A animated comedy about a spy agency.

This can be quite crude but it is funny.
Lana is my favourite :)