Friday, 8 August 2014

My Thoughts On Writing Reviews (And Why I Suck At Them)

Book reviews... they're a great way of getting a book noticed but why are they so darn hard to write?

Mine are bad I know that - they're short and not very detailed. Someone actually told me that my reviews are bad recently on Amazon which was a bit harsh but I know it's true.
Sometimes I have loads to say about a book but other times there's just nothing (it obviously didn't make a big impression on me) and trying to write the review is just...

So yes Amazon review critic, I do suck at writing reviews but I'm trying to get better (I've been looking at tips and reading other book blogger's reviews). Anyway as my English teacher once said to me I'm 'not a writing person' so the world is against me but I'm TRYING which surely has to give me some credit? Or maybe I should just stop reviewing *le sigh*

Do you find writing reviews easy?