Sunday, 8 June 2014

Promo + Guest Post- Les Vaporistes - A Hot Ink Press Anthology

Title: Les Vaporistes
Pages: 254
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Release Date: 28th May 2014

Blurb from Goodreads:

Vampires, scientists, demons, dirigibles, thieves, slave girls, airship captains, bounty hunters, lost loved ones, prim and proper ladies, saloon girls, and aliens. 
Within this compendium you shall find all of these things and more, to fuel your fantasies. 
These twelve molten erotic shorts to rev up your steam engine, along with three works of art by Jackie McMahon, are sure to make you spring a cog. 
Take a deep breath and get lost in the worlds of Les Vaporistes.

Cover art by Rue Volley. Image courtesy of Lexi Ostrow.

Stories in the Anthology:

Cast the Mold by Andrea L. Straum: 
Even the best have their skills put to the test. 

Clockwork City: Immortal Lovers by Natalie Hancock: 
Hunting Dark Immortals is dangerous. Falling in love with one is deadly. 

A Love Token by Zoe Adams: 
Let them make love. 

For the Love of Lexi by Eada Janes: 
When you love this much, there's nothing worth letting go. 

Demon in Steam by Lexi Ostrow: 
In the London Underground, the Alliance of Silver and Steam is all that protects humans from demons. 

Conjuring Pleasure by Hannah Nixin: 
Faced with many suitors, the best are often the ones we dream into being. 

The Hunted Heart by Aurelia Fray: 
When hunting Magpie, Xan will have to either give up the woman he loves or run with her. 

Blowing Off Steam by Molly Hammerman: 
It takes a professional to see that Captains blow off steam. 

Clockwork Heart (Prelude) by R.A. Sears: 
Seth McDougal hasn't been around for a few months, but when he strolls in to the Timeless Tavern for his regular meal and drinks, his entire demeanor draws Zylphia in like never before. 

Black Diamonds by Skye Knizley: 
There’s no such thing as circumstance to this thief. Enjoy the ride. 

Airship X by Josephine Ballowe: 
Can cold Esme Sinclair be warmed by the touch of Claire Aston, and will their lust be enough to fuel this flight? 

Paper Dolls by Rue Volley: 
When your only HOPE of survival is taking to the skies.

Aurelia Fray author of The Hunted Heart:

Hey everyone! 
 My name is Aurelia Fray. The fabulous JW invited me along to tell you all about my first ever published story, “The Hunted Heart,” which features in the steamy Hot Ink Press Anthology ‘Les Vaporistes.’
First things first, you ought to know that this is an 18+ collection of Steampunk related short stories. Although each tale gives its own unique twist to the genre, all of them are sure to excite and titillate the reader. I have had the pleasure of reading each of the contributions now and have personally enjoyed each one. 

So what or who is The Hunted Heart? 
 This is the story of Xan and Lily. Set across eight chapters, our protagonists unveil themselves to the reader, each taking their turn to tell you a little more of their background and the tumultuous predicament they find themselves in. Xan is a specialist Mech (mechanically enhanced) bounty hunter sent on a mission to track down the villain, Magpie. Along the way he crosses paths with Lily, who not only treats him with respect only afforded to true Humes (completely biological/unenhanced humans), but also defends him openly. They believe their meeting is by chance but fate has much more to do with it.
For Lily, her meeting with Xan couldn’t come at a worse time. She has unfinished business to attend to, and Xan’s presence is a distraction. Lily remembers him, she knows both who he is and why he became a Mech and her bond with him is one of unspoken love…. Oh yeah and lust. Lots and Lots of descriptive lust. The story may only be 10,000 words but you get a mystery, a hunt, a lot of sex, some true love, an excruciating dilemma, and a great big steam-powered dirigible. What more could you ask for?

So why Steampunk?
I have always liked the costumes that people create for steampunk cosplay. The twisting of (what I always thought of as) Victoriana and Japanese Hirajuku fashions, with lots of metal, cogs, and some crazy inventive machinery thrown in, always enticed me. However it wasn’t until I read Bec McMaster’s Steampunk novels that I really appreciated the world of steampunk. My own story came out with a Victorian feel. I tried to play down the world they existed in, refusing to force feed the reader a steampunk environment or setting. My story was about two people and so they became its focus but through their eyes you unveil the world they live in. The reliance upon Mech’s and Droids, the class structure, the unbalanced lifestyles of Hume’s and Mechs, the weaponry and professions available to men and women in this world — all of this is presented to you in the things my protagonists think and say, or in the way they say it. I can only hope you feel emerged in their world whilst reading. 

Now I suppose I ought to tell you a little about me?
There is not really much to say. Yeah I know boring huh? I live in London (UK) which is great. I describe myself as The Hyde side of a Jekyll and for the most part this is true. In my daily life I am little Ms Ordinary. (oooh do they have a Mr man/woman for that?) But in my writing I am a little bit naughty. I like to try anything at least once so don’t be surprised if you find I am tiptoeing in and out of genres.
I am an old romantic at heart but do like to play with my characters…. I think they would tell you that I am a mean mistress. Where my short stories focus on Erotic/Adult explorations by Novellas are more romantic. I have written and will soon be publishing a cheeky little series of novellas called the Tienimi Series so keep your eyes peeled for some HEA feel good reads.
On a very personal note, it must be said that I love cooking, like fictional bad boys, have never read the 50 shades series, dislike baked beans and hatehatehate shopping in Camden market on a weekend…look it up you will see why.