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Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway - Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland

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Publication date: April 8, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: A. Lynden Rolland

A captivating debut about the fragility of life, love, and perspective.

Alex Ash was born broken. Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is like living on death row, but she is willing to fight for her frail life as long as it includes the boy next door. Chase has always held the pieces of her together, but when he dies tragically, Alex’s unfavorable fate becomes a blessing in disguise.

Faced with a choice, she finds herself in a peculiar world where rooms can absorb emotions and secrets are buried six feet under. Among limitless minds, envious spirits, and soulless banshees, Alex hardly rests in peace


About the Author

 A. Lynden Rolland was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, a picturesque town obsessed with boats and blue crabs. She has always been intrigued by the dramatic and the broken, compiling her eccentric tales of tragic characters in a weathered notebook she began to carry in grade school. She is a sports fanatic, a coffee addict, and a lover of Sauvignon Blanc, thunderstorms and autumn leaves. When she isn’t hunched behind a laptop at her local bookstore, she can be found chasing her two vivacious children. She now resides just outside Annapolis with her husband and young sons.

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I can’t pinpoint one thing that inspired Of Breakable Things, but I had an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. I thought about how much we love things. How much we hate things. How much knowledge we gain in a lifetime. I couldn’t imagine that when the body died all of the mental energy just disappeared. So I started thinking that maybe those emotions and that intelligence could come alive into a projection of a person. Mind, body, and spirit without the body. Imagine if we could latch on to our emotions and thoughts, and then we could exist adjacent to the living.
I began brainstorming a world that the mind can manipulate. People see things they want to see, and that molds their perception. My main character can walk down the street one day and see a single building. The next day she might see five buildings, a set of stone stairs leading to
nothingness, and a boat rowing through the fog. She sees what she is ready to see. If she isn’t looking for it, her mind won’t catch it.
Then I needed people. I needed a girl who would die prematurely, to be physically breakable. My inspiration for Alex Ash came from a girl I met when I was young. She would go to our town playground, but she’d only go on the swings. She said she wasn’t allowed to do anything else because she was sick. She had enormous eyes and a frail frame with thick curly hair. She was otherworldly. I asked her one day about her sickness, and I honestly can’t remember the response. But when I began researching Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, there was a feeling of familiarity, like passing a stranger on the street and feeling as though I’d seen her somewhere before. I took pages of notes about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (vascular EDS if we want to get specific), and Alex came alive in my mind. Chase just appeared there beside her one day. He held her hand and didn’t let go. His brothers elbowed their way into the story shortly after. They’re pushy like that.
There were several separate moments of inspiration that compiled the ideas for Of Breakable Things. Alex Ash’s afterworld grew over time until it took up so much space in my head I couldn’t ignore it. Each and every day there is something I see or feel that makes me stop and think about how it might be different in a mental world. So many possibilities. I hope readers have as much fun reading Of Breakable Things as I did writing it.

Thank you so much for having me!

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