Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review - Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen + My Week In Books 22nd-28th April


4/5 stars!

Painted Blind is a modern retelling on the story of Psyche and Cupid.
I love Greek mythology so this was a must read for me. It was an enjoyable read and I found it hard to put down. The only thing I didn't really like was the main character Psyche. She was quite annoying at times. I loved Erik/Eros.


Going Under by S. Walden (ebook copy £0.65)

Heard great things about this one and can't wait to read it!

The Collector (Dante Walker #1) by Victoria Scott (paperback)

Heard great things about this book too.

Freebies (so many I think my Kindle is going to explode!):

The MacKinnon Curse (prequel) by J.A. Templeton

The Deepest Cut (a MacKinnon Curse novel, Book 1) by J.A. Templeton

Like this cover :)

Between Friends by Amanda Cowen

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

Currently reading this and it's good so far!

Grishma (Necoh Saga) by Kelly Blount

Love's Second Chance (Second Chance Series) by L.P. Dover

Brightest Kind of Darkness, YA paranormal romance (Brightest Kind of Darkness, Book #1) by P.T. Michelle

All photos taken from Goodreads.

Hope you guys had a great week.
I've been revising for exams :(

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Blog Post For Movellas

One of the writing sites I use is Movellas and I've written a blog post for them.
I wasn't really sure what to write but hopefully my tips were helpful!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Week in Books 15th-21st April

This week I wasn't planning on buying many books but as I should know by know by plans never work.
Unravelling (Unravelling #1) by Elizabeth Norris (paperback)

Working Stiff (Revivalist #1) by Rachel Caine (paperback)

Restless by William Boyd (paperback)

I watched the TV adaptation and really enjoyed it.

Hidden (Avena #1) by Marianne Curley (paperback)

LOVE this cover!

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) by Isaac Marion (paperback)

Guardians : The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) by Lola StVil (Kindle freebie)

The Ashes : an Eden prequel by Keary Taylor (Kindle freebie)

The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch (Kindle freebie)

Another cool cover.


Eternal Hope (Hope #2) by Frankie Rose

3/5 stars.
I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book but I did find the scenes between Farley and Daniel very sweet. I kind of lost interest towards the end but that was probably because I wasn't really in a reading mood (yes there is such a thing!). I LOVE Frankie Rose's writing though and am looking forward to reading more by her.

Currently Reading:

Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen

A friend really enjoyed this so I've bumped it up to the top of my book pile (or rather mountain).

All photos taken from Goodreads.

In other news I'm back at uni now for exams :( so probably won't be doing any writing (unless it's Chemistry related) for a while.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Week in Books 8th-14th April

I got lots of freebies this week!
Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson (paperback)
Silent Symmetry (The Embodied trilogy) by J.B. Dutton (free ebook)
Love this cover!
Raven (Raven Series) by Kimberly Brockman (free ebook)

Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (ebook, £1.71)

This book is seen in the first episode (The Bells of Saint John) of Doctor Who series 7 part 2 and I can understand why Clara cried at chapter 11!
The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (free ebook)
Wearing the Cape by Marion G. Harmon (free ebook)
Love and Truth by Kathryn Vance-Perez (free ebook)
Burden of the Soul by Kate Grace (free ebook)
A Moment (Moments #1) by Marie Hall
This one sounds really good. Can't wait to read it!
Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (ebook, £1.71)
This is a must read for Doctor Who fans! I gave it 3/5 stars as I enjoyed it but it felt quite rushed.
Currently Reading:
Eternal Hope (Hope #2) by Frankie Rose
This is the sequel to Sovereign Hope. Haven't had a chance to read much so far.
All pics taken from Goodreads.
Hope you all had a great week!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review - An Unexpected Parody by Valerie Estelle Frankel

Another book that I started reading while on holiday was An Unexpected Parody by Valerie Estelle Frankel, which is a parody of the Hobbit.

I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand there were times where I laughed out loud but there were also points where I found myself skipping ahead.
I'm not really a parody person though so others may enjoy this more than I did.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Review - Planet Amazon The Rebirth by Crystal Dawn

Another book I read while on holiday was Planet Amazon The Rebirth by Crystal Dawn.
I gave it 2/5 stars.
From the blurb I was really excited about this book but after reading it I was slightly disappointed.
I found the plot erratic, jumping from one thing to another, and repetitive.
I did however like the premise and I feel that with some work this book could be greatly improved.

Books Won While Away

So I was away for a week and won 4 books!
They were...
Collide (Collide, #1) by Gail McHugh (signed paperback)
Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore (ebook copy)
LOVE this cover and the book sounds amazing :)
On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5) by Karina Halle (ebook copy)
Heard lots of good things about this series.
Hell's Hollow by Summer Stone (ebook copy)
This is another one that sounds really good.
All photos taken from Goodreads.
Another review coming soon... :)

Review - Loosely Translated by Simon Hugh Wheeler

Back from holiday and here's a review of one of the books I read while I was away.

Loosely Translated by Simon Hugh Wheeler.
I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Loosely Translated is a very sweet romantic book.
It is an interesting read, not just because of the relatable characters, but also because of the different locations that are used in the book (England and Spain).
A very enjoyable book which had just the right amount of romance in it and several comical scenes.
A must read for everyone who likes romance books that are different.